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 The mandate of the Ministry is as follows:

• Formulate, implement, monitor, evaluate and coordinate reform policies and programmes to democratize governance and decentralize the machinery of government.
• Reform and energize local governments to serve effectively as institutions for mobilizing and harnessing local resources for local and national administration and development.

• Design and implement capacity building programmes for local government to improve service delivery and management of public resources.
• Promote transparency and accountability in local governance by making Local Councils directly accountable for their actions to their citizens and nationally while adhering to the best practices of open government.
• Build local ownership and operational efficiency of the decentralization process through effective development planning and budgeting, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, and other managerial functions.
• Provide an effective link between national development priorities and local level development initiatives.
• Build Local Councils' capacities to lead and coordinate key actors to leverage local economic growth and provide infrastructure for economic activities in their respective localities.
• Strengthen the coordination between and among Ministries, Local Councils and Service Delivery Agencies, to bring about more effective service delivery for the local people across the country.
• Reform chiefdom governance in line with the decentralization framework and principles of good governance.
• Maintain the relevance of the institution of Paramount Chieftaincy by ensuring timely filling of chieftaincy and sub-chief vacancies in accordance with the provisions in the Chieftaincy Act.
• Amend the relevant legislation to ensure consistency with the Chiefdom Governance and Traditional Administration Policy and the revised Local Government Act 2004 and other relevant legislation.
• Build the capacities of key functionaries of the Chiefdom Administrative Units to effectively perform their sacred functions of ensuring the people of Sierra Leone live in an environment of peace, stability and development, and one in which respect for customs and tradition is maintained as the foundation for social harmony and peaceful co-existence.
• Collaborate with the Ministry of Justice to ensure the restatement of customary laws and usages to inform the formal as well as the local court systems to assist the various actors and the courts in arriving at consistent conclusions to disputes and to generate more coherent understanding of the social context in which they are applicable.
• Develop and ensure the proper implementation of a national policy on rural development including standards-setting and oversight of rural development.
• Establish coordination and monitoring machinery within MLGRD to effectively undertake baseline survey of all rural development programmes and NGOs / CBOs working in community development in collaboration with Local Councils and MoFED.
• Undertake research into rural urban linkages and implications of urbanisation on development in the rural areas; opportunities and threats and recommend to the GOSL appropriate actions to be undertaken on the basis of the research outcomes.
• Support GOSL in the mobilization of funds for the successful implementation of the Decentralization and Chiefdom Governance reforms and the proper coordination of rural development in Sierra Leone.
• Develop and operationalize a strategy for the effective coordination of donor support to the decentralization and chiefdom governance reforms.

To uphold a democratic local government system reflecting a decentralized approach and facilitating the provision of efficient an effective delivery of quality services to the people in a transparent manner.

A nation where there is peace and stability, justice, inclusiveness and improved and sustained service delivery through democratic local governance.

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