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To promote leadership in policy formulation, coordination, standard setting and oversight in order to ensure democratic local governance responsive to the aspirations of the people in promoting good governance, maintenance of peace, and the provision of services to improve the welfare of the people and eradicate poverty in Sierra Leone.

A nation where there is peace and stability, justice, inclusiveness and improved and sustained service delivery through democratic local governance.

The mandates of the Ministry are as follows:


  • Provide an effective link between national development priorities and local level development initiatives.
  • Build Local Councils’ capacities to lead and coordinate key actors to leverage local economic growth and provide infrastructure for economic activities in their respective localities.
  • Strengthen coordination between and among Ministries, Local Councils and Service Delivery Agencies, to bring about more effective service delivery for local people across the country.
  • Reform chiefdom governance in line with the decentralization framework and principles of good governance.
  • Maintain the relevance of the institution of Paramount Chieftaincy by ensuring timely filling of chieftaincy and sub-chief vacancies in accordance with the provisions in the Chieftaincy Act of 2009.
  • Build the capacities of key functionaries of the Chiefdom Administrative Units to effectively perform their sacred functions of ensuring the people of Sierra Leone live in an environment of peace, stability and development, and one in which respect for customs and tradition is maintained as the foundation for social harmony and peaceful co-existence.