Social Capital Approaches to Rural Development in Sierra Leone (SCARDSiL) is an Agency anchored at the Decentralization Secretariat with mandate to strengthen social capital through the implementation of Community Driven Development (CDD) projects. SCARDSiL currently works in four (4) communities in four (4) Chiefdoms in each district across Bombali, Bonthe and Kailahun where it has branch offices.

What does the Agency seek to achieve?

The Agency also seeks to achieve the third; ‘’a society that is peaceful, cohesive, secure, and just’’ and the fourth; ‘’a competitive economy with a well-developed infrastructure’’ goals of the MTNDP through the implementation of CDD projects. The Agency’s principles achieve the third and fourth guiding principles for the implementation of the Medium-term National Development Plan (MTNDP); which are ‘’participation and inclusiveness of all stakeholders in the development process’’ and ‘’local ownership and content with the people of Sierra Leone at the centre of development’’ respectively.

Methodology and Achievement.

The Agency’s methodology is a people centre approach. With this approach, the SCARDSiL’s greatest achievement is transforming people from being passive observers of their development process to taking the center stage in owning and leading their own development process.

Where does SCARDSiL works?

The table below gives a summary of what we do and where: